Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills young history buff's dream on Patriots' Day

An Alaskan teen’s Patriots' Day wish is a dream come true thanks the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The McConnell Family traveled across the country with the sole purpose for 14-year-old history buff John to be a drummer in a Revolutionary War re-enactment.

"I have muscular dystrophy and I’m 14 and I can’t walk. So I have other things that I can do," said John.

John already plays the drums but to prepare for this day, he FaceTimed with a member of the Lincoln Minutemen for some lessons.

On Monday morning alone, in the rain and wind, John marched and played more than two miles with dozens of Acton, Lexington and Concord Minutemen.

"It’s really cool that I get to be here and play drums with these people," said John.

His mom told Boston 25 News her son could’ve chosen anywhere, like Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Trenton, New Jersey, to make his wish come true, but he chose Massachusetts because this is where it all began.

"It’s just exciting to see just how much he really likes history and see him chatting with park rangers. He knows more about history than we do, for sure," said Jackie McConnell, John's mom.

The family arrived in the Commonwealth more than a week ago and have been given the full tour. Even John’s colonial costume was tailor-made for him.

"It’s been a lot, a lot of effort and work by a lot of people including us but it’s also been very life-affirming and exciting," said Jackie.

A once in a lifetime wish that a young man and his family will never forget.

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