Officials: Major heroin supply ring busted in California

NORTH COUNTY, Calif. — Forty-six were arrested in a major heroin and meth drug ring bust in southern California this week.

The North County, California investigators handed down 10 federal indictments following a year-long investigation that included wiretaps, drug and gun purchases and surveillance, reports FOX 5 in San Diego. 

Officials said the ring was a large supplier of heroin and meth, and it also was involved with unlicensed firearms. Documents said the trafficking organization used dozens of street gang members to distribute heroin.

There are still nine people at large who are facing charges, including the head of the gang - Yadira Villalvazo, who was deported following a federal drug trafficking conviction in 2002, said authorities.

Villalvazo's alleged specialty is heroin and now runs her own Sinaloa Cartel-linked organization. Officials allege she supplied at least 25 percent of the heroin sold and consumed in North County, California and made tens of thousands of dollars.

The Villalvazo network distributed heroin in North County and also supplied pound quantities of the drug to a prolific distribution ring in Kingman, Arizona, authorities said.