Lynn family looking for 'superwoman' stranger who helped boy hit by car

Lynn family looking for 'superwoman' stranger who helped boy hit by car

LYNN, Mass. — A Lynn family is on a mission to thank a stranger they call "superwoman."

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They say the off-duty nurse was pivotal in helping their 16-year-old son after he was hit by a car while riding his bike.

While that woman’s identity remains a mystery, her good deed isn’t going unnoticed.

The teen, Samuel Rodriguez Jr., was riding his bike and turning onto a crosswalk in downtown Lynn, when a car hit him from behind.

Samuel says one witness, in particular, made him feel like everything was going to be OK while tending to his injuries without hesitation.

The vehicle "ran straight into me from behind," said the teen. "When I got hit I was thrown into the air. My arm took most of the impact."

Stitched and bandaged, Samuel says he’s indebted to the woman who was the first to give him medical care in the moments after a car hit his bike.

"My first concern was if my arm was broken. At that point I saw blood gushing out," he said.

The Lynn High School student says he probably would’ve been more freaked out by the lacerations down his arm if not for the fast-acting stranger, who identified herself as a nurse. The woman took his shirt and made a tourniquet, he said, applied pressure and "told me not to look."

The teen's father, Samuel Rodriguez Sr., said he's glad the woman helped his son.

"The doctors mentioned he could’ve lost his arm if she didn’t do that," he said.

The emotional father says he hasn’t stopped thinking about the woman. She left the area once paramedics arrived and took over.

"A guardian angel, a superwoman," the grateful father said. "It’s amazing, she flew in and flew out… it’s amazing someone would do that and not even take credit. It’s amazing."

The woman who the Rodriguez family calls their superhero didn’t leave her name, but they’re hoping to find her, so they can personally thank her.

"I just wanted to thank her for helping to save my arm," said Samuel, who will find out soon if he needs a skin graft on his arm.

"It put my faith back in humanity," his father said, "I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart."

Police say the driver who hit him is not facing any charges or citations and this appears to just be an honest accident.