• Lowell residents calling for action to fix pothole problem

    By: Ted Daniel


    LOWELL, Mass. - Lowell is looking for all of the help it can get in the pothole department as drivers deal with some rough roads.

    One person who knows the issue better than most is pizza delivery driver Paul Uhomoibhi, who said he spends at least eight hours a day on the roads.

    "Potholes are like crazy," Uhomoibhi said. "They are like everywhere, very hard to avoid them sometimes."

    On the city's official Facebook and Twitter feed, there's a call to action. Residents are being asked by Domino's Pizza to visit pavingforpizza.com to help get a $5,000 paving grant.

    Domino's has already selected four cities to receive funding, and the next round of winners will be chosen in September.

    "If we can help where we live, why not?" Lowell resident Britany Wylie said.

    Not everyone feels the same way as Wylie, however.

    Twitter users fired back with responses saying, "Why don't you just do it yourself, instead of begging others to do it?" or "This effort is sad, sad commentary on a great city."

    Rodney Elliott, a longtime city councilor and former Lowell mayor, said the city spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year fixing potholes. 

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    "It's very expensive, the city spends to repair our roads," Elliott said. "Every nickel counts, every dollar counts, and every pothole counts."

    Now, it's up to the citizens of Lowell to get the job done.

    "I hope we win," Uhomoibhi said. "We need it. We really, really need it."

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