Lost luggage? There's an app for that

Lost luggage? There's an app for that

BOSTON — Travel especially around the holidays can be stressful. Lost luggage is bad enough, but lose your smart phone or lap top, and you can be in real trouble.

“Your phone has your log in for not only your phone but you probably have access to your bank account or credit card or maybe even your company database," said Ken Smith, co-founder of Rejjee.

A Pew study shows 28 percent of people don't even have a lock screen on their cell phones.

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Enter the Rejjee app. Boston 25 News first told you about the Cambridge company's great success three years ago, helping the MBTA find stolen bikes.

Now, onward and upward, to an agreement with the TSA last week.

“We are taking the success we had with the MBTA and transferring that to airports and airlines where the key issue is laptops and stolen devices," Smith said.

In the rush to catch a flight, many people hurry through security, sometimes leaving valuables behind.

“About 12-thousand laptops are lost system-wide across the US every single week," Smith said.

The Rejjee app allows you to report your lost items and they search the vast TSA database.

“A lot of people think the item is lost forever and in fact TSA recover a lot of stuff here at Logan and at airports around the country," Smith said.

If you don't have any luck, go to lost and found on Tsa.gov and it will take you to a Rejjee form to fill out.

“If you can’t find it file a report we’ll do the search we’ll do the best we can to connect you with it. There’s probably a good chance that somebody had actually found your item," Smith said.