• Locals collecting donations to bring to Hurricane Florence victims

    By: Litsa Pappas


    MANSFIELD, Mass. - A church in Mansfield is gathering donations to help victims of Hurricane Florence. 

    Right after Hurricane Florence hits the coast, Anthony Linden with the Edgewood Church of Christ plans to leave Mansfield with his son to head to Jacksonville, North Carolina. They're bringing anything from non-perishable foods to diapers and formula, to flashlights and cleaning supplies. All the necessities for those who may lose their home or power for days.

    "With power out and utilities out their ability to take care of themselves is going to be limited, particularly in the first 36-48 hours," said Linden. 

    Linden says they plan to post up at the Jacksonville Christian Church where locals can help them navigate the worst hit areas, but they'll have what they need to keep their operations up and running on their own. 

    "It’s not helpful if we’re taking resources from those who need it, so our goal is to be self-sufficient," said Linden. 

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    Elizabeth Fasino saw Linden's call for help on Facebook and decided to donate.

    "It’s pretty sad to see how many people aren’t affected here that aren’t doing anything. The dollar store has tons of options for non-perishable items, I mean I got the cases of water for six bucks, that’s six gallons of water," said Fasino.

    Linden says every bit helps. 

    "So I'm not trying to ask for a lot from anybody, what I'm asking for is just a little bit from a lot of different people, and that all combined is a really powerful thing," he said. 

    Along with cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods, Linden says the biggest thing they need right now is a horse trailer, if anyone has a trailer big enough to carry a few thousand pounds, he'd like to borrow it to bring even more to North Carolina.

    If you'd like to contribute to the donations, you can drop them off 24/7 at the Mansfield Police Department. 

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