Worcester County residents scrape and shovel through blast of winter weather

Worcester County - There is some winter happening in the state. Enough snow to even cancel school. Boston 25 News Reporter Robert Goulston headed west to Worcester to check out how some areas are getting snow. The DPW commissioner in Worcester says they have been prepping roads since 2:30 Friday morning. The temperature was flirting with freezing all day – and there is concern it would dip this evening.

In the Baldwinville section of Templeton—there was enough snow to shovel again. We were also in the Gardner area where locals have noticed – all winter so far – they keep getting the snow while other parts of the state get rain. Valorie Daigle was trying to get in a quick lunch as the snow was starting to really come down.  “Every time you look at the weather map, there is this little dip that comes down and just encompasses this area,” said Daigle.

From a business standpoint – this time of year usually means people buying shovels, salt, sleds, lot of time oil lamps, batteries, flashlights and gas cans. Linda Zemojtel has been working at the Aubuchon hardware store in Gardner for 30 years. This winter so far – she says – has been a fluke.  “Past couple of weeks it hasn’t been selling because no snow,” said Zemojtel.

In some areas of the state, there was enough snow for school cancelations. In Templeton, they made the call yesterday based on the forecast. Beth Grueter, a local teacher, and her son both got snow days  “I’m not going to lie I’m a little bit thankful for the snow day because I get to stay home,” said Grueter.

The city of Worcester estimates it got about 6 inches of snow so far this winter season. The DPW Commissioner says they should have had at least another foot on average so far.

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