Walsh: City leaders are listening closely to protests

Walsh: City leaders are listening closely to protests

BOSTON — Boston city leaders say they are listening closely to the protests happening across the city all week.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who openly talks about his recovery from alcohol addiction, says the country and city’s racism recovery also involves admitting there is a problem.

“What we are dealing with in Boston is about wisdom, wisdom to listen, wisdom to understand. If you don’t understand right now just listen,” said Walsh.

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The mayor told us he has been meeting black employees and employees of color at City Hall. They’ve been talking about what has been going on in the city and their personal experiences with racism.

“When you make the space people to open up, truly open, when you really hear the daily experiences of racism and what it means to our people particular our black employees, it deeps the perspective and strengthens our resolve," he said.

The mayor knows more protests will play out moving ahead and as he was wrapping up his briefing he said, “I have no concerns this weekend, anybody who is going to come in and protest into town. I’m just asking you to please be peaceful and respectful of your city and as the Floyd family said this is in me very of Mr. Floyd.”

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