Uxbridge man completes 40 marathons by age 40

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — Dan Foley craved the runner’s high after completing his first Boston Marathon in 2011.

“After that, I kind of just got addicted to it and I wanted that feeling of Boylston Street all over again,” Foley said.

He’s felt that feeling of Boylston six more times.

On May 2 in Providence, the 39-year-old father of two completed his remarkable goal to run 40 marathons by the time he turned 40.

“They’ve all called me crazy, but they’ve all been out there holding up signs cheering me on so that’s all that matters to me,” he said.

Foley runs with a purpose. Over the past decade he and his wife, Katie, have raised more than a quarter of a million dollars for charity. Mostly for Tedy’s Team, the fundraiser of former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, which raises money and awareness for stroke victims, including Foley’s own father. He has also run for the Martin Richard Foundation.

“There’s been some pretty tough times the last couple of years. I think if we just look for a little bit of light in the world and a little bit of light in each other, we can make a huge difference together those two charities did it for me,” he said.

In 2013, Foley was less than a mile from the finish line when the bombs exploded. While training for Boston the following year, Foley sent a message to country singer Dierks Bentley. He told him how much his music inspired him whenever he felt overcome with anxiety and fear. Bentley was so touched he asked Foley to be part of his music video for his song, The Mountain. Bentley even took Foley and his family out on stage at Gillette Stadium at his summer concert in 2018.

“It was something I will never forget and get to share it with my kids and my wife, it was really cool and I actually have the framed photo behind me from the stage right now because it is just something I’ll never forget,” Foley said.

Foley turns 40 in August. He said he may try for 50 marathons by age 50, but just one race per year. There were several years Foley ran seven marathons.