Teen brothers in critical condition after pickup truck slams into tree

Bourne teens in critical condition following crash on icy road

Two teens suffered life-threatening injuries after their pickup truck slammed into a tree Tuesday morning on the icy roads, Bourne Police said.

The high schoolers were taken to a hospital in Providence where they’re listed in critical condition on Tuesday night after undergoing surgery.

Around 7:20 a.m. police and fire responded to MacArthur Blvd and Route 28 North. They had to use mechanical means to free two brothers, 17 and 14, from their truck. The Upper Cape Technical Vocational School students, confirmed by the superintendent as brothers, were brought to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island.

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On Wednesday, school officials said the boys are still in critical, but stable condition. They say the older brother opened his eyes and gave his family a “thumbs up” while the younger brother has responded to stimuli.

Upper Cape Cod Regional Tech was not on a delayed opening but police described road conditions as “icy.”

“They were icy at the time. They were being treated by highway officials. But they were icy at the time,” said Bourne Police Lt. Brandon Esip.

Bourne Police got several calls of an accident along Route 28 on Tuesday morning.

“Multiple calls from passing motorists. There were some good samaritans that showed up on scene and started helping out,” Esip said.

One brother is a senior at the school, and the other, a freshman.

“He’s particularly well known by most of the faculty here,” Robert Dutch, superintendent of Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School, said of the elder brother.

The superintendent said in his eight years with the district, he doesn’t recall a situation this significant.

"There’s a great deal of concern. We are very close knit faculty so there’s a lot of willingness for working with students and amongst faculty to provide support for everyone," Dutch said.

Firefighters had to use mechanical equipment to get to the trapped teens.

State Police said around the same time of the teens’ accident, they responded to two other accidents including a rollover in Wareham.

School counselors will be available the rest of the week for students who want to talk about what happened.

The crash is under investigation.