SWAT team arrests woman in Newbury on weapons charges

NEWBURY, Mass — Newbury police chief John Lucey says he’s proud of his officers for safely arresting a woman after an intense standoff with SWAT teams.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome,” said Chief Lucey. “This could have been a much different situation.”

He says this person has had issues with police before, but Wednesday morning her threats escalated against police officers after she told them she had guns she didn’t have a license for.

“I know there was a variety of mostly long arms, I don’t know what the inventory is yet but I’ve been told several, very, very concerning number,” said Chief Lucey.

Chief Lucey says he called the SWAT team to assist his officers for a high risk warrant.

Those officers surrounded the home on Hay Street with guns drawn before entering the home after hours of negotiations.

“As it would be, it was the right call to get them here to help us because there was a whole cache of firearms found at the house within her control in her reach at the time,” said Chief Lucey.

The chief says it was a very dangerous situation, so he’s thankful this woman was taken into custody safely and no one was hurt, but he understands if this was alarming for the community.

“So you see a lot of resources out in the parking lot, it can be very unsettling to the public and I just want to really emphasize that if the public was in any kind of danger, needed to take any action ,that will be communicated,” said Chief Lucey.

The chief says this woman was taken to a hospital to get the help she needs, and she will be charged for having those guns without a license and for making those threats against police.

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