Sunday night thunderstorms topple trees, damage property

WESTWOOD, Mass. — Heavy rain and whipping winds tore through Westwood early Sunday evening, toppling a large, old tree on Grove Street, taking down wires and three utility poles with it.

The force was enough to cause several other utility poles to shift in the ground.

“Heard kind of like a crash outside. We come out of the driveway and looked down, and there’s just like a downed powerline cracked in half and hanging over the road, wires everywhere,” said neighbor Teddy MacAusland. “Cars have been coming through. They’ve been stopping, trying to find a way to detour their route to get where they’re going to go, but no one’s coming through here.”

Tree and utility crews spent hours cleaning up and restoring power.

Boston, too, saw its share of damage. In Hyde Park, falling trees tore down wires, leaving a mess of a resident’s yard but sparing their electricity.

In Mattapan, resident Gerdrine Tunis’s car was victim to the stormy weather.

Shortly after she parked the vehicle and went upstairs to take a nap, she got a call from her father about the damage.

Despite her misfortune, Tunis is glad she wasn’t in the car.

“The back window is shattered, and the trunk is kind of bent,” Tunis said. “It could’ve been worse. So, thankful for that.”

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