Boston Mayor Wu, Senator Markey join together to serve Thanksgiving dinners at Pine Street Inn

BOSTON — Pine Street Inn was back at it, helping thousands of struggling people enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner. Mayor Michelle Wu joined the ritual for her first time as the mayor of Boston.

Debbie Russo and Pamela Muise have relied on Pine Street for three years.

“I was staying with a friend, and it didn’t work out, so here I am,” said Muise.

They are hopeful the new mayor will bring new hope.

“I think the people here are trying. I don’t think there are enough low-income units in the city at all. RG: We have a new Mayor. This is true. Hopefully, it will change,” said Russo.

“Just the things we used to take for granted, I’ll never take them for granted again,” said Muise.

“They are an inspiration, and we do this work to make sure that everyone like Debbie and Pam have what we all deserve, which is a safe, warm roof over your head,” Wu said.

Boston 25 News asked Mayor Wu if the homeless issue in the city is worse than she thought before taking office. “To be honest, I’m even more hopeful because I’m sitting in the seat because I see how quickly we can move if we decide to put our resources in the right places,” said Wu.

U.S. Senator Ed Markey, who was also there, believes the infrastructure money, recently passed, will play a big role.

“We are going to have enough money to build a million new units across the country, and Boston could be right at the front of the line to apply for that money,” said Markey.

Pine Street Inn Executive Director Lyndia Downie is also hopeful about the recent developments out of Washington. “These new dollars could be revolutionary, and I mean that. A few hundred units in the city of Boston where our numbers are relatively low compared to other cities. It could make a big difference,” said Downie.

Pine Street Inn has not been able to use its hundreds of volunteers for the past two years because of the pandemic. They are hoping that will change next year.