String of homes broken into in Newton Friday night

NEWTON, Mass. — Suzanne Winton came home Friday night to find someone had broken into her home on Warwick Road in Newton. Police said there were five house break-ins between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. in three different neighborhoods Friday night.

Police said the homes were located on Highland Avenue, Kensington Street, Warwick Road, Chapel Street and Clarendon Street.

“That’s my biggest fear is walking in on someone who’s in the house because you don’t what state they’re in,” Winton said.

Winton said luckily the suspects were gone when she arrived, but police said in one of the break-ins a woman was home at the time.  Police are now looking for an SUV seen on Highland Avenue during one of the break-ins.

“A vehicle is seen, looks like an infinity, two people get out of the vehicle and walk towards one of the homes that was broken into, about 20 minutes later hurrying away jumping into the back seat and the vehicle takes off,” said Lt. Bruce Apotheker.

Lt. Apotheker said, in a few cases, the suspects broke into second-story windows.

“If you have any sort of outside objects like a bench, chairs, gas grill, something that someone can climb upon to use to enter a second-floor window, a second-floor door, we’re urging you if you can get those away from your home,” Lt. Apotheker said.

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Winton said the suspects made a mess of her house, and they stole her jewelry and computers. She believes the thieves broke in through a bathroom window.

“They did however leave the knife that they had used to jimmy the window open with,” Winton said.

She said police were able to get some prints, but they’re still on the hunt for these suspects.

“Everything can be replaced, and as soon as the window is fixed, I’ll sleep here,” Winton said. “It’s nice now that all the neighbors are kind of keeping an eye out.”

Back in mid-March, there were several break-ins within 24 hours in Newton as well. Police are looking into whether those are connected to the ones on Friday night.

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