Steamship Authority: Man rescued after falling overboard in Hyannis

Steamship Authority: Man rescued after falling overboard in Hyannis

HYANNIS, Mass. — A passenger was rescued after falling off a Steamship Authority ferry Saturday night into the Hyannis channel, according to a spokesperson for the Authority.

He was saved by the crew of a nearby Hy-Line ferry.

The Steamship Authority ferry was sailing from Nantucket to a terminal in Hyannis, and it wasn’t until the boat was docked that crewmembers noticed a car was left unattended on board.

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“When the M/V Gay Head arrived in Hyannis on Saturday night upon completion of its last trip of the evening, the crew discovered that a driver of one of the vehicles on board was missing,” wrote Communications Director Sean Driscoll in a statement to Boston-25 News. “The vessel was promptly searched and the driver was not found on board.”

Meanwhile, the last ferry of the night for Hy-Line Cruises was also heading toward Hyannis.

According to Operations Manager Gerald Poyant, a crewmember aboard The Grey Lady IV had his window open and thought he heard a faint cry for help.

“They heard or thought they heard a cry for help through one of the windows in the pilothouse, and when they went and investigated, they saw someone in the water,” Poyant said.

The Hyannis Fire Department was also contacted for assistance during the search and rescue.

Captain Greg Dardia told Boston-25 News on Sunday that the Hy-Line ferry captain put the vessel in reverse so that the crew could perform a man overboard rescue.

According to Poyant, a Jason’s Cradle was thrown toward the passenger treading water.

“The person in the water had no flotation, no life jacket on, just wearing regular street clothes,” said Dardia. “Crew members and all of the deckhands, they just performed flawlessly and got him out of the water.”

Dardia said that a doctor on board The Grey Lady IV helped take care of the passenger after he was brought into the boat until the vessel was docked. According to Dardia, it was estimated that the passenger was in the water for about 25 to 30 minutes.

The Steamship Authority confirmed that he was taken to Cape Cod Hospital for an evaluation.

The Coast Guard confirmed Sunday that they are investigating the incident, and working to determine how the man fell off the Steamship Authority vessel.

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