South Shore community helps Santa with letters

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — It is the extremely busy season for Santa as we hit 10 days out until Christmas. All of the letters are making their way up to the North Pole and one South Shore community is working to help Santa answer all the letters he is getting.

On Tick Tock Lane in Weymouth, they are counting down the minutes until Christmas. Bonnie, Abby, and Brittany McCulloch check the Santa mailbox outside their home every morning. “When Santa came to my Mom and asked if we could do the letters. I had to hop in and do some and I love it,” said Abby. “He loves that there are people helping him, just the same as we all need help,” said Bonnie.

The letters started arriving right after Thanksgiving and Abby reads some of them to us. “Please bring me new sneakers and bring Dad a new shirt, and bring me a new cozy sweatshirt and stay healthy Santa. Love Logan,” read Abby. The helpers start writing back right away. “I think it brings the magic back. The children love it. The parents love it,” said Bonnie.

Some of the letters are difficult to read. “Their Mom and Dad.. that was a sad one. Their Mom and Dad to be back together. That one hit the heartstrings,” said Bonnie.  Some are unique. “I’m hosting a family from Ukraine, there are two girls. This is their first experience for Santa Clause,” the letter read. But every letter sent – they say is something to be cherished. “The little things. One said I want a hug,” said Abby. “One person asked for like 5 or 6 candy canes.”

The McCullochs say the real magic happens – after their work is done. “I get joy from seeing the little kids,” said Bonnie. “Just knowing when they open and their parents reading it to them. They are loving it and they are just happy to receive it,” said Abby.

The Tick Tock lane neighborhood is expected to be really busy the weekend before Christmas. The Santa letters should have a self-addressed stamped envelope so the helpers can send Santa’s letter back.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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