Police identify 2 dead found in Tyngsborough home with high levels of carbon monoxide

TYNGSBORO, Mass. — Two women were found inside their Tyngsborough home on Saturday, and fire officials said they detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside the house.

The victims, Doris Gariepy, age 91, of Tyngsborough, and her caretaker Tonya McKinney, age 38, of St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica, were found dead inside the home on Mascuppic Trail after first responders got to the scene around 10:45 a.m. Saturday, police said.

“On behalf of the department, we would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the deceased,” Chief Howe said. “This is an absolute tragedy and we will continue to work diligently to determine how this occurred.”

Specialized devices worn by Tyngsborough firefighters detected dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside the house, which was then quickly ventilated by firefighters.

National Grid was also on scene, helping identify the cause of the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Neighbors told Boston 25 on Saturday that the 38-year-old was the older woman’s caretaker.

“I know she was a caregiver for her, for the woman. That was a shock too that she went with this. That was a huge shock to me,” said neighbor Jim Melanson.

Neighbor Bryan Riley said he was stunned to learn about the deaths.

“I was fishing with my son actually this morning, and when I got back I saw all of the police, firefighters, and whatnot. It was awful,” he explained. “I checked my carbon monoxide detectors after this to make sure they were working. You know it’s scary. You never really think about it.”

Bryan Riley’s wife, Jennifer Riley, said that the accident was frightening.

“Honestly as a mom, one of my biggest fears is fire and carbon monoxide in the house. Especially because we have 2 teenage boys and we get concerned when they’re home alone.”

She described the 91-year-old victim as kind and said she had lived in the neighborhood for decades.

“It’s definitely very tragic and very saddening.”

Tyngsborough Police, Fire, and National Grid remain on scene Sunday looking to identify the cause of the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

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