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Stoughton car chase and shooting suspect sent to Bridgewater for evaluation

39-year-old Anh Kieu of Quincy was arraigned in court on Tuesday, charged with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, for a tense incident that all started at a convenience store. Kieu ended up getting shot by a man he allegedly threatened with a firearm during a five-mile car chase that ended with a crash at a Stoughton intersection.

It all began on May 24th at 9 p.m. in a parking lot at a 7/11 on Washington Street where two men told police they saw Kieu waving a firearm.

Authorities say they got into their car and tried to get away, but Kieu followed them, at times driving on the wrong side of the road.

On Pearl Street, Kieu allegedly used his car to block out the victim’s car.

According to police reports, Kieu got out of his car and pointed his firearm into the victim’s car.

But the driver, who had a license to carry, pulled his weapon and fired at Kieu, hitting him in the abdomen.

The victims drove off and Kieu continued following before a third vehicle collided with them in another intersection.

Kieu’s gun turned out to be a pellet gun, resembling a real one.

The driver told police he was in fear for his life.

According to a police report, Kieu later told police he thought the men were robbing the 7/11.

But police say the store was never robbed.

Earlier in the day Quincy Police encountered Kieu when they say he somehow got his car into waist-deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

After Quincy officers arrived, Kieu allegedly walked away and never returned, leaving authorities to tow his car out of the water.

A doctor evaluated Kieu and recommended that he be sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for a full mental health evaluation.

Stoughton District Court Judge Brian Walsh, citing privacy concerns, ordered the media not to report on the doctor’s specific mental health findings.

Kieu is due back in Stoughton Superior Court on June 20.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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