Mission Hill barber shop hit by several bullets

BOSTON — Bullets pierced the glass window at Sully’s Barber Shop in Boston’s Mission Hill neighborhood on Friday afternoon.

Julie Rhodes was working in Tremont House of Pizza two doors down.

“I was just working talking to a customer and all I heard was a loud bang. I thought a car had crashed into the fence behind you,” said Rhodes.

But this was no car. At least four bullets went through the front glass of the shop. Rhodes ran out after hearing the commotion. 

“I saw the bullet holes in the window and I just immediately called 911,” she said.

Sky25 was over the scene and showed the aftermath as police swarmed busy Tremont street shutting it down during their investigation.

A woman in a neighboring hair salon told Boston 25 she heard three bursts of gunfire. This all occurred about 3:30 p.m. on a beautiful day and a very busy Tremont Street.

“But at this time of day, while I’m working, and it’s on a very public street. You’ve got the gas station and the grocery store down there,” said Rhodes.

The fact this happened here a stone’s throw from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and in the shadows of the Mission Church has unnerved neighbors, including Rhodes who has lived here for 20 years.

“It did shake me up a little bit, that something like that could happen during my employment hours,” said Rhodes.

In the aftermath, Rhodes also saw one of the men who worked in Sully’s Barber Shop outside.

“He was just in shock. We were just trying to make sure he was OK,” said Rhodes.

And to whoever did this she has one question: “So, it’s like, why? What is happening?”

Police found no victim but are looking for the shooter to figure out why Sully’s Barber Shop was targeted.

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