Middle school students return to in-person learning

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — About 160 students at the Putnam Avenue Upper School returned for in-person, full-time learning on Wednesday morning.

The building is far from full, according to Superintendent Kenneth Salim. Districtwide, about one-third of Cambridge students have chosen to go in-person, Salim added.

“This has been a really funny year,” Salim said. “We’ve had multiple sorts of beginnings of school, but this is an exciting day. A lot of great energy in the school, really excited to welcome back our middle school students.”

Elementary students have been in school full-time since the start of April.

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School districts have known about Wednesday’s deadline for middle schoolers returning for some time, but on Tuesday found out about the state’s May 17 deadline for high schools.

If given a waiver, schools can push the date back, but the school year ends in June, giving little time to further delay in-person learning.

In Cambridge, high school students are scheduled to return on May 10, one week ahead of the state deadline.