Mayor Walsh creates task force to fight fireworks problem in the city

Mayor Walsh creates task force to fight fireworks problem in the city

BOSTON — Every night in Savin Hill the fireworks show is nonstop and unwanted.

It’s just one neighborhood in the city under siege from nightly bombardments.

One local man who lives by McConnell Park where they get set off is exasperated by it all.

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“These things are like this loaded with whatever explosive it is,” said the man. “They’re on my car, they’re on my roof, they’re all over the yard.”

He feels his home is under siege and says he feels like a prisoner in his house. 

Savin Hill is just one area in Boston where nightly fireworks are going off. On Monday  we spoke to people in Roslindale.

“I have a dog who can’t sleep and we have to medicate to sleep,” Sania O’Leary.

The nightly bombardment is infuriating residents.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced a task force to deal with the issue. Four At-Large Boston City Councillors will be on the task force; Annissa Essaibi-George will be part of it.

“We’ve been dealing with fireworks in the city for the six solid weeks,” Essaibi-George.

The number of calls to Boston Police is staggering. Across the city Boston police say “the number of calls from last June to this June is up more than 5,500%.

Fireworks calls have gone up drastically throughout the years:

  • June 2020 - 7,844 calls
  • June 2019 - 139 calls
  • June of 2019 vs June 2020 calls were up by 5542%

In the last three weeks Boston Police have confiscated large amounts of fireworks from cars and a UHaul truck. One from as far away as Michigan. Councillor Essaibi-George says cutting off the supply is key.

“We know people are crossing the border to New Hampshire to buy fireworks but they’re also getting delivered,” said Essaibi-George.

Stopping that will be part of what the task force will focus on.

In the meantime, neighbors are making a plea to Boston’s Mayor and Governor Baker for help.