Marlborough residents relieved to be home after hazmat evacuation

“I left everything on, I just kinda had to leave, didn’t get to bring any clothes or anything, so it’s going to be nice to take a shower, sleep in my own bed,” said Matt August, who lives in the apartment building.

Residents were happy to return home to this apartment complex in Marlboro Wednesday night after they were forced to evacuate Tuesday night for a hazmat scare.

“Police officer knocked on my door and said ‘hey you guys gotta get out, we’ll let you know more as time goes on,” said August.

The Marlboro Fire Department says a man in his thirties had to be rushed to the hospital for a medical emergency, and that’s when they found hundreds of containers of unknown substances in his apartment on Boston Post Road East.

“We’ve processed a large amount of unlabeled unknown type chemicals in various forms, powders, liquids in various containers, some sealed, some labeled,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Gogan.

Assistant Chief Gogan says they had to call in the FBI, the state police Bomb Squad and Hazmat teams for the potentially dangerous chemicals.

“They’ve been brought out and inventoried and categorized and sent away with a cleanup company, so that process has been ongoing since yesterday afternoon,” said Gogan.

As a precaution, about a dozen families had to be evacuated for about 24 hours.

Stefano Fraga says for awhile, he had to sleep in his car, but eventually he was able to go to a friend’s house

He says it’s good to be home.

“So good, thank God I’m returning – I wash my body and sleep,” said Fraga.

While some people were able to stay with family or friends, the fire department says they put ten families up in a hotel Tuesday night.

As for the man taken to the hospital, that’s all still under investigation.

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