Heartbreaking testimony from the Good Samaritan who tried to revive Colin McGrath

BOSTON — The trial for the woman accused of causing the death of a South Boston toddler got underway in Suffolk Superior Court. Charlene Casey is accused of motor vehicle homicide after police say she failed to yield to a van coming down L Street back in July of 2018. Police say the van lost control and veered on the sidewalk and killed 2-year-old Colin McGrath. His sister and nanny were also hurt.

Charlene Casey is accused of pulling out onto L Street and crashing into the front side of a van, which then veered into Colin McGrath and his sister, who were with their nanny on the sidewalk.

The trial began with two versions of who is responsible. Suffolk County ADA David McGowan said in opening statements Casey set off the events that led to the boy’s death.

“When she accelerated, she crashed into the front of the passenger wheel of that Chevrolet, immediately immobilizing the steering mobility,” said McGowan.

Defense Attorney Steven Boozang contends the van driver, who his client hit, was also speeding.

“That van, the evidence will show, sped up and caused this accident,” said Boozang.

Colin McGrath’s parents sat with family and friends in the front row at court. One of the first witnesses to testify is the Good Samaritan who saw the chain reaction crash before jumping out to help Colin, who was just shy of turning three years old.

“Just kept talking to Colin, telling him his family loved him and that his family loved him, then to keep fighting,” said the Good Samaritan. She also testified she tried to comfort the nanny at the scene. “Gave her a huge help. She was very hysterical. I told her it wasn’t her fault,” said the Good Samaritan, “I wanted the family to know that he, Colin, was not alone. He was held, he was spoken to, and he was loved in that horrific moment "

The driver of the van, who police say was not speeding, also gave his account. “After I got hit I slid, tried to turn the wheel and I hit the children,” the driver said.

The trial resumes Thursday morning when we are expected to hear from the nanny.

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