Gov. Baker’s biggest concerns ahead of Orange Line shutdown

BOSTON — Just three days before the big Orange Line shutdown Friday, Gov. Baker says now is the time to plan your route – whether you rely on the T or just drive through that part of Boston.

Traffic will be significant as shuttle buses replace the Orange Line for a month.

Boston 25 News asked the governor about his biggest concerns ahead of Friday.

“The same two concerns I think that most people have, which is that people find a way that works for them, recognizing and understanding the inconvenience that’s associated with this, which is real and significant,” said Gov. Baker. “But the other big concern is there’s a ton of work.  Five years’ worth of work on the Orange Line that’s going to get done over the course of the next 30 days, and it’s critically important that it gets done.”

A few mayors north of Boston have also expressed concerns over the Orange Line shutdown. They wrote a letter to the MBTA, requesting an express bus service from towns like Medford, Malden and Melrose right into downtown Boston while the Orange Line remains shut down.

Boston 25 News asked the governor about this request for an express bus, and he says he disagrees with it.

“It’s going to run more or less along the same route that the Orange Line runs on, and the Orange Line doesn’t run express – people stop along the way,” said Gov. Baker. “And I think what we’re interested in is people picking whichever route works best for them. I don’t think we believe it makes sense to run buses that are not going to be available to some people because they’re running across and away from other stops.”


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