• Framingham police chief speaks out after officer put on leave


    FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- FOX25 Investigates sat down with Framingham's police chief Wednesday after breaking the news Tuesday that an officer was on leave after money was discovered missing from the evidence room. While he says this is a troubling situation to deal with, he did shed some light on this investigation into a veteran police officer, and missing cash.

    FOX25 Investigates first told you about the 30 year veteran of the Framingham police department on leave after upwards of $15,000 went missing from the evidence room at the police station and now there is a criminal investigation. 

    "Disappointed, concerned, to what has transpired," Framingham Police Chief Ken Ferguson said. 

    The investigation started at the West Natick train station were officers were called to do a well being check after the officer's wife was concerned. The chief wouldn't get into details. 

    "All I can tell you now, is the Framingham Police Department in conjunction with the Attorney General's Office is conducting an investigation," he said.

    We've learned that investigators found thousands and thousands of dollars in cash in the officer's car. The officer in question is in charge of the evidence room and detail bureau.

    "It's been a couple of months now, since we started this investigation," Ferguson said.

    An internal memo sent out to officers says in part: "Some officers have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury this week."

    The chief says the department as a whole is now forced to deal with this publicity and isn't hiding any of it.

    To be clear, we are not releasing the officers name because he has not been charged yet. We've learned, those charges may come after the holidays. We have also learned a full audit has been done. As of right now, only money is missing. 

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