Former Concord, NH teacher charge with soliciting sex from a minor

Former Concord, NH teacher charge with soliciting sex from a minor

CONCORD, N.H. — Joshua Harwood, 38, a former business teacher at Concord NH High School is held without bail, charged with soliciting sex from a former high school student.

NH authorities allege that Harwood solicited, paid for, and received, sexually explicit material from a former Concord NH High School student.

According to a prosecutor, from January 2019 to December 2020, Harwood paid about $900 to the victim in about 40 Venmo transactions for various sexual favors and images.

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A police report details that evidence shows Harwood hosted one live stream session with the victim from a classroom inside Concord High School, and that during that live stream, the victim performed a sex act.

Joshua Harwood lives in Manchester, NH where he is married and the father of two young girls.

He turned himself into Concord NH police on Thursday.

Concord’s School Superintendent announced Harwood’s firing, saying in a statement, “As Superintendent, I am outraged at this individual’s behavior. The District employed him in late July 2020 as a new employee, with the expectation of professionalism and as a positive role model for our students.”

At Harwood’s arraignment, a prosecutor revealed that in March 2019, Harwood was accused of similar behavior with a college student at Southern New Hampshire University where Harwood was employed.

After a University investigation, Harwood was fired, but not arrested.

Harwood was later hired at Concord NH High School.

“Looking at the timeline of events here, even though the defendant was terminated from Southern New Hampshire University, he still engaged to solicit a minor to engage in sexual activity via a live stream internet connection. Potentially losing his employment did not alter the defendant’s actions,” a prosecutor told the court.

For now, Harwood is ordered held without bail.

The judge said in court, it’s the only to protect other children.