• Firefighters say available defibrillator helped save man's life in Concord


    CONCORD, Mass. -- A man is alive, thanks to quick thinking from his friends and the availability of a defibrillator, says Concord firefighters. 

    It started as a pickup game at the ice rink in Concord when a 56-year-old collapsed in a lockeroom. 

    "People in the locker room were very frantic. Someone had called 911," said Dawn DiMinico, who works at Valley Sports Complex. 

    DiMinico says people were frantically trying to help the man, none of them with any medical training. One of the man's friends realized he was in cardiac arrest and grabbed the Automated External Defibrillator, or an AED, which was on the wall along the ice rink. Within minutes, the man had a pulse again. 

    AEDs are designed so that anybody can use it, with no training needed. The friends said they followed the directions on the machine, having never used one before.

    "You only have seconds,  not minutes to avoid brain damage," said Bill Whalen with the Concord Fire Department. 

    Whalen was one of the first responders on scene and said this is a good reminder that other businesses should have AEDS, because they can be the difference between life and death. The rink has had the defibrillator for years, but had never used it before. 

    The man's friends told FOX25 he's on the road to recovery and he cannot wait to back out on the ice. 

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