Firefighters battle six-alarm blaze that spread to multiple houses, including former Wahlberg home

More than 100 firefighters responded to a six-alarm fire in Dorchester Sunday after four buildings caught fire.

The fire department says three people suffered minor injuries, including two firefighters.

“This place was filled with smoke, it was terrible,” said Carol Conway, who lives nearby.

Neighbors like Conaway came out to see the fire that quickly spread to four triple-deckers.

“With the wind blowing I was really frightened that our house might be in danger,” said Conway.

The whipping winds made matters worse for firefighters.

The Boston Fire Department says the fire started at a home on Peverell Street, but the winds blew the flames to three other buildings including homes on Cushing Ave.

“I mean I watched the flames hop or skip from one house up there to Cushing, and at first we thought the firemen were able to put it out, but instead more fire popped up,” said Conway.

“The height of the hill, it’s a big hill, so the wind’s even worse at this altitude, so it started going pretty good when they got here,” said Paul Burke, Boston fire commissioner.

Commissioner Burke says luckily everyone will be okay after what was a challenging fire to put out.

“It was a tough fire though, the fire was in the building in the rear on Cushing Ave, there was a lot of fire on the top floor, burned right through the roof,” said Commissioner Burke.

One of the homes that caught fire was where actor Mark Wahlberg grew up.

In 2018 he posted a video on Instagram in front of his old house, saying “My old crib, 25 Peverell Street.”

The back side of Wahlberg’s old home is now scorched by the flames. Neighbors now feel for the families who lost their home from this fire that startled the whole neighborhood.

“The firemen were standing on the deck that was burning up and I thought they’re going to fall right through to the next level and that was really frightening,” said Conway.

The Boston Fire Department says more than a dozen people were displaced from this fire, and the American Red Cross is helping them find another place to stay for now while the cause of this fire is still under investigation.

The fire is estimated to have caused approximately $2 million in damages.

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