Family says someone threw brick at their moving car days before man hospitalized from brick

Family says someone threw brick at their moving car days before man hospitalized from brick

After Worcester Police arrested four teens for throwing bricks at moving cars, now we are learning there may be even more victims. A driver hit by a brick remains in the hospital while we’re hearing from other drivers who say they may have been targets five days earlier.

“When we saw the brick come in it came at a high angle,” said Nicholas White and his brother Nathan. “It kind of just slid up and flipped over the car.”

They say they were driving about 30 mph down Grafton street when a brick came out of nowhere. The unwelcome present came four days before Christmas.

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“I could kind of see the color of the object but it happened pretty quickly,” they said. “I told him to pull over and he was on the phone with the police department so I decided to take a walk and see if I can find it and on the way back I found a brick on the sidewalk.”

Then one day after Christmas, the same thing happened to Manny Oliveras a couple of miles away on Plantation street. He wasn’t so lucky.

Wale Aliyu spoke with Oliveras’ mother over the phone and the first words out of her mouth is that she forgives the four teenagers, saying, “They’re young, they didn’t know the harm they were causing, I want them to know that I forgive them.”

According to his GoFundMe page, the 37-year-old father may need his jaw wired shut after a brick went through his windshield.

His fiancé wrote: “He is a loving, dedicated father to our teenage son and a loyal son to his sick widowed mother who he has been taking care of since his father passed away. Now he can not and will likely have a long road to recovery ahead… I know if he could speak right now, he would thank everyone from the bottom of his heart for their prayers…”

“We are just glad he’s OK we just wish it was prevented,” said the White brothers. “When we called it was days in advance before this was all reported, unfortunately, she was like a police officer cannot come because it wasn’t a witness thing so I waited till the next day to call my insurance.”

Police say Oliveras’ car was one of 19 cars the four teenagers threw bricks at on Saturday. Police are looking into if there may have been more incidents.

“It was pretty scary,” they said. “It happened so fast. I was in shock, you don’t expect anything like that to happen when you’re driving down the street.”

The four teenagers have been arraigned. The district attorney’s office couldn’t give any information on them because they are still facing serious charges in juvenile court including aggravated assault and causing mayhem. There were two girls and two boys, all of them 15 and 16 years old.

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