Exploding hard seltzer market forcing beer industry to adapt

BOSTON — A booze war has been brewing for some time now as hard seltzer has exploded in popularity, forcing the beer industry to jump into a market that has been largely unknown.

In the last few years, the hard seltzer market has grown from $400,000 in 2018 to $1.6 billion in 2019. The 2020 sales forecast is more than $4 billion!

Night Shift Brewing and Trillium Brewing Company are both doing very well in the competitive craft beer business, but they know hard seltzer is changing the game.

“We tried to think about how we could make a hard seltzer that is better than the ones on the market,” said Rob Burns, co-founder and president of Night Shift Brewing.

Trillium isn’t announcing any plans right now to hop on the seltzer bandwagon.

“We’ve always been an innovator and take a lot of new ingredients and try to push the bounds with what we are doing and the different styles of beer we make," said Nick Bonadies, Trillium Brewing.

At Trillium, they say it’s all about creativity. The entire team comes up with ideas and they turn it into beer, like coconut truffle stout.

“They all really love beer, really love making beer so they know what they like and they know what they like to make,” said Bonadies.

Boston Beer Company announced a huge sales boost from its Truly Hard Seltzer, telling Boston 25 News “In the same way we revolutionized the beer industry with Sam Adams, we’re changing the game now with Truly Hard Seltzer” but they also point out “beer is our heart and soul.”

Sam Adams is also telling investors that even with the boost in sales, they’re paying a higher cost to their contractor who makes the hard seltzer because the demand is so high.