Door Dash driver detours delivery and calls 911 after seeing trailer fire

DANVERS, Mass — A fire in a Danvers trailer park off Route 1 destroyed a home and a Door Dash driver was the one who called for help.

The trailer is destroyed, but we’re told no one was inside at the time the fire broke out.

Firefighters were first alerted to the flames by a Door Dash driver. She says she was driving on Route 1 and was on her way to make a delivery when she took a detour into the trailer park to try and help after seeing the fire.

“I was doing deliveries and I was driving by and the house was on fire,” the Door Dash driver told Boston 25 News. “They didn’t get their order and I saw the fire and I called 911 and I came back around and banged on the windows.”

A big concern was how close the trailers were to one another. A lot of the trailers also have propane tanks right outside. Firefighters were able to keep the flames contained to one trailer.

The cause of the fire in under investigation.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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