Caught on camera: Electrical saw used in brazen robbery at a Roxbury grocery store

Caught on camera: Electrical saw used in brazen robbery at a Roxbury grocery store

BOSTON — Officials say two suspects broke into a grocery store in Roxbury through the back gated door and cleaned out the store.

In what is being called a brazen robbery, the suspects allegedly broke into the establishment just after midnight on Friday, Sept. 11.

The store owner and employees say that day in and day out they are work 18 hours a day to make a living. They are begging the public to please forward with any information so they can work in peace.

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Surveillance video shows one of the suspects using an electrical saw to cut off the heavy steel locks protecting the gate to the door. After a few tries, and well over five minutes, the suspect makes his way into New Family Supermarket on Humboldt Avenue and Ruthven Street in Roxbury.

“I had a security alarm in there, but he [bypassed it], he jumped it,” said Mohammed Pasha, the store owner.

“I see no lock, shutter is open,” said Jamal Uddin Mahmood, a store clerk.

Mahmood is a store clerk at the store and saw the mess left behind after the break-in.

“I quickly go to the bathroom and see if somebody is there, I catch,” said Mahmood.

In the video, you can see the suspect trying to steal the ATM, but was unsuccessful.

“This was bolt inside, he can’t even take it,” said Mohammed.

The owner says the suspects got away with more than $10,000, along with thousands of dollars in scratch tickets, where the suspect was caught on camera rolling out from the place holder.

“It’s not fair, we are hardworking people. I work 18 hours a day to support my family. I’m having a financial hardship.” said Mohammed.

Both the store owner and his employees are hard working people who are immigrants from Bangladesh and are here to support their families.

Mohammed wants other store owners to be aware of the tools these burglars are using and the new ways they are coming up with to break into businesses and homes. Police are asking the public to help identify the suspect’s getaway car, seen in the video leaving the back parking lot.

“This is America. Land of opportunities, everybody can get a job,” said Mohammed.

The owner says he sent this video over to his friends at a Blue Hill Avenue location where a similar robbery happened. These store owners are working together trying to find out who the suspect is, but they are asking the public to please contact police with any info because they’re afraid of what the suspect might do next.