Café owner blames previous owner for THC-laced ice cream making customers sick

NEWMARKET, N.H — A New Hampshire café owner blames a previous owner for leaving behind THC-laced ice cream that made at least four people sick.

Newmarket Police and the Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation after several people tested positive for the drug after eating ice cream from Roots Local Café and Catering on Main Street. Police said the customers consumed “Angelo’s Amore” brand ice cream last week and reported feeling ill. At least one person had to stay in a hospital overnight.

“Shortness of breath, dizziness, extremely high blood pressure, they were very sick,” Lt. Scott Kukesh said. “This wasn’t a typical high, especially for marijuana. This was above and beyond that. They consumed way too much.”

Roots’ owner Amber Enright said the ice cream was made by a previous owner within the last several months. She doesn’t know why the man added THC to a batch that was eventually sold inside the store.

“He’s taken all responsibility for the ice cream,” Enright said. “He does feel really, really bad. I know he does because who wouldn’t feel bad?”

A 16-year-old girl was one of the people sickened by THC, Enright said. All the victims recovered, according to police.

“One of our employees had ice cream right at the beginning of her shift and immediately felt awful,” Enright said. “Everyone went to the ER. You don’t get tests back right away so no one knew what it was but they didn’t feel good for a couple of days.”

Roots has been cooperative with investigators, and they immediately forfeited their ice cream for testing, Kukesh said.

“We are looking at potential charges,” Kukesh said. “At this point, nothing is indicating that this was done intentionally.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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