Boston Marathon survivors watching U.S. Supreme Court

BOSTON — Survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings are paying very close attention to the U.S. Supreme Court, as it considers the fate of convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over whether Tsarnaev’s death penalty should be reinstated.

A federal jury in Boston convicted Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and sentenced him to die for his role in the bombings in 2015.

A federal appeals court overturned the Tsarnaev’s death penalty, finding the trial judge made some key mistakes.

The ruling means Tsarnaev will serve a life no-parole sentence.

But the U.S. government is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene.

Near Boston, Marathon Bombing Survivor Marc Fucarile is closely watching the U.S. Supreme Court’s review.

Fucarile was badly hurt when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s pressure cooker bomb exploded on Boylston Street, near the Forum Restaurant. Fucarile lost his right leg and the bomb’s shrapnel is still inside his body. Fucarile wants Tsarnaev to pay the ultimate price.

“I think we need to send a message to terrorists across the world, and even domestic terrorists,” Fucarile said. “If you are going to be a terrorist, you are going to get the death penalty.”

But others in the survivor community feel differently.

Melida Arredondo and her husband, Carlos, were standing near the Marathon Finish Line when the first bomb exploded in 2013.

She wants the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Tsarnaev’s death penalty for good, paving the way for Tsarnaev to spend the rest of his life in prison. Arredondo believes if Tsarnaev’s death penalty stands, she will have to endure endless appeals.

“I don’t want to hear about this,” Arredondo said. “And when I heard last summer that they were going to be opening this up again, I was like, ‘I don’t want to hear it.’ I imagine others feel the same way.”

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