Boston city councilors discouraged by vandalism attacks at their homes

Boston city councilors discouraged by vandalism attacks at their homes

BOSTON — Boston at-large City Councillor Annissa Essaibi-George is discouraged by a vandalism attack at her home over the weekend.

“With a little bit of elbow grease and a few hours of time on Saturday we were able to take care of that,” said Essaibi-George.

Essaibi-George says posters made to look like report cards were plastered on her fence on before sunrise Saturday morning.

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The report cards were put out by a group called FTP Boston, a group she met with recently.

“I woke up Saturday morning to my entire front fence plastered with my report card from a group we had done a forum with a couple of weeks ago,” said Essaibi-George.

Eight city councilors in all were reportedly targeted across Boston, all who voted for the city’s budget.

City Council President Kim Janey and three others who voted against the budget were apparently not targeted.

Janey sent out a tweet on Monday addressing the incident.

Essaibi-George says it’s one thing to disagree but to target her home is going too far.

“My kids are at home, I’ve got young kids (and) they didn’t want to see this,” said Essaibi-George.

Mayor Walsh also says the vandals crossed the line.

“Do not vandalize people’s homes, city councilors have families,” said Walsh. “Some of them have small children. They have neighbors and that’s just unacceptable in the city of Boston.”

Councillor Essabi-George says dialogue is the way forward.

“If we can’t have conversations and if vandalism is the way to approach this work it’s not going to be productive, it’s not helpful for anyone here in the city,” said Essaibi-George.