Boil water order in Burlington has been lifted

BURLINGTON, Mass. — A boil water order that was issued in Burlington on Thursday has been lifted, the town’s DPW Director John Sanchez said in a statement on Saturday.

Residents may resume normal water usage once they have completed the steps outlined below, Sanchez said.

Residents should run their faucets for 10 minutes to clear out any built up water in their pipes and should dispose of ice and make ice twice using their refrigerator’s ice maker before using the ice.

Residents should also remove and replace water filters.

The boil water order was issued after health officials in town said E. coli was found in at least three samples taken on Wednesday.

Following 37 confirmatory tests of samples taken throughout town, Burlington DPW and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection determined there is no E. coli present in the water system, the town said Saturday.

“We are confident that the town’s water is safe to drink and we thank the community for their patience while we worked to address these concerns,” Sanchez said.

The DPW is continuing to work closely with DEP, but residents no longer need to boil water before drinking or cooking.

The boil water order frustrated residents who stocked up on water to deal with the issue.

Please visit the town’s website or call the DPW at 781-270-1670 for additional information.

The town also released the following answers to commonly-asked questions regarding drinking water safety:

When I turn on the faucet, the water sputters. Why?

You have air in your lines. Turn on your tap slowly and run the water until the sputtering stops.

The water is discolored. What should I do?

Flush water pipes by running the water from all of your taps until it is clear. There is more information below on how to flush your pipes.

Do not wash clothes if the water is discolored. Wait until the water runs clear at the tap. Wash a load of dark clothes first.

What should I do if my water pressure is low?

Check the faucet screens for trapped particles. Remove the screens and clean out any particles. Put the screens back on the faucet.

Do I need to clean out my faucets?

Yes. You should flush your faucets after the drinking water advisory.

  • Turn on the main water valve.
  • Turn on the cold and hot water taps at all faucets and run the water for 10 minutes. Begin with the faucet that is highest up in your home or building and then open the other faucets one at a time moving from the highest floor to the lowest.
  • Ensure that there is adequate ventilation/airflow when flushing the faucets.

Do I need to clean appliances?

Yes. Read the owner’s manual for directions to clean appliances such as water softeners and filter units.

My refrigerator has a water dispenser/ice maker. Do I need to clean them?

Yes. To flush refrigerator water dispensers and ice makers connected to a filter, take the following steps:

1. Flush the refrigerator water by running it for 10 minutes.

2. Throw away all ice.

3. Let the ice maker container fill up completely one more time and throw away the new ice.

4. Clean the ice maker container.

5. Remove the filter and replace it with a new one.

Do I need to do something for the water softener?

Yes. You may need to run through a regeneration cycle. Follow the directions in the owner’s manual.

I have a water treatment unit for the house. Does it need special care?

Yes. Change the filter cartridges. Some units need disinfecting. Follow the directions in the owner’s manual.

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