Baker hopes to release information on police reform in coming days

Gov. Baker hopes to release information on police reform in coming days

BOSTON — Police reform is expected from the State House.

Governor Charlie Baker says he is hoping to release more information in the coming days.

Baker talked to us about police reform saying “they do some really important things and a vast majority of them live up to the oath they swear." But as the country saw in Minneapolis with George Floyd, police officers can violate that oath with a deadly outcome.

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The Governor says his administration has been talking to the Black and Latino Caucus at the State House, long before the Floyd murder, about police certification reform. Basically licensing individual police officers before they work on any local police department. The Governor says it should “create a process that creates more transparency and accountability so law enforcement officers who are doing the right thing get the training and the benefit of that training.”

The Governor says it also has to have a very clear way of dealing with misconduct that has to have a “very fundamental and explicit process to deal with those who don’t”

There have also been safety concerns for police during the calls for reform including officers being followed home. We asked the Governor what is being done to help law enforcement on that end.

Baker said, “I think the best way for us to support them is to maintain an open door and to make sure if they have issues or concerns they want us to help them with that they reach out.”

The timing of when the new legislation will come down is to be determined. The Governor only telling us to expect it soon.