Apple Store crash survivor tells Boston 25 she is lucky to be alive

EAST WEYMOUTH – Soni Baker, 21 years old from Weymouth, was sitting inside the Apple Store with her friend Heather when their world turned upside down.

“I had no idea what happened. They were like ‘a car drove through Apple’. And I was like ‘what,’” said Baker.

The young woman was at the Apple Store with her friend to get her iPhone repaired. Soni tells Boston 25 she heard what sounded like an explosion.

“Then I just saw debris, ash, glass everywhere and I blacked out,” she said.

Her friend later told Soni the black SUV that plowed through the glass windows at the Hingham Apple store on Monday morning, which left one person dead, actually hit her.

“She said the car smashed into me and I fell and hit my head and that’s probably why I blacked out,” said Soni.

The next thing Soni remembers is being outside the apple store on the sidewalk with her friend who was also injured.

“When we were outside and we were surrounded by officers and police and people like an ambulance,” she said.

Soni was rushed to South Shore Hospital, then to Boston Medical Center because of her injuries.

They included a brain bleed, her leg was broken in two places, four fractured vertebrae in her back and cuts to her face. Soni knows she’s lucky to be alive.

“I feel very blessed and like I was saying it makes you really appreciate life,” said Soni

Her mother says this Thanksgiving she is especially grateful.

“I knew that God would not be that cruel to me away from her,” said Jenn Ward Baker who is Soni’s mother.

And Soni adds what happened has given her a new perspective on life.

“Anything bad can happen to anyone and it’s like to me I’m not going to let the situation hold me back. It happened and I’m going to be ok,” said Soni.

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