4 confirmed, 2 probable cases of mumps at Univ. of New Hampshire

4 confirmed, 2 probable cases of mumps at Univ. of New Hampshire

Vials of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

There have been six University of New Hampshire students with confirmed or probable mumps infection, health officials announced Friday.

Officials have four confirmed cases and two probable cases of mumps virus infection in students at UNH. Officials say all of those students have been previously vaccinated. The students are close contacts, officials say, and there is no broader campus threat.

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Mumps is an acute viral infection typically characterized by swelling and tenderness of one or more salivary glands, typically the parotid gland (parotitis). Patients can also develop non-specific prodromal symptoms of fever, headache, myalgia, and malaise.

Mumps is transmitted by respiratory droplet spread or by direct contact with an individual’s respiratory secretions. Individuals are considered most infectious from 2 days prior to symptom onset until 5 days after. Incubation period for mumps after exposure usually is about 16-18 days but can range from 12-25 days.

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