• Violent crimes, young suspects have neighbors 'beyond fed-up'

    By: Eric Rasmussen


    BOSTON - A 14 year-old boy is the latest shooting suspect in Boston. Police say he shot a 23-year-old woman Monday evening in Mattapan.

    Less than 24 hours ago -- it was a 15 year-old in court, charged with murder.

    The young suspects and serious crimes have some community members demanding action.

    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh echoed what other community leaders have been saying -- there’s a need for more "prevention and intervention."

    There was so much yellow tape on Norfolk street in Mattapan Monday, Joyce Palmer said she couldn’t pull into her own driveway.

    "Every time you see the yellow tape, as a parent, I’m fed up," she said. "I was hoping it would be a car accident or something, but not another shooting."

    But that’s what it was. The 14-year-old boy, according to police, targeted a 23-year-old woman -- hitting her in the leg.

    Only hours earlier, another underage suspect, 15 year-old Jose Hernandez, was in court to face charges that he murdered 18-year-old Blanca Lainez last month in East Boston.

    "The first question is, where did he get the guns from?" asked Palmer.

    There’s a community center around the corner from where the 23-year-old was shot and Palmer says the reaction of young people to the latest crime scene tells a troubling story.

    "Look at the young people and it did not phase them out," she said. "It did not phase them, not curious or anything. Just walk past like -- I’m wondering, is this natural? Is this where we’re at right now?"

    "Those are horrible acts of violence and certainly we need to do a better job of working to get guns off the street," Mayor Walsh said.

    Walsh says he’s pushing to expand summer jobs programs and community policing.

    "We’re working with our community centers, reevaluating what we’re doing with our community centers to keep them open later at night. We’re also working to  have more mentoring programs in the city of Boston," said Walsh.

    Police say the woman shot Monday is expected to survive.

    The 14-year-old suspect was in juvenile court Tuesday to face assault and battery charges.

    He’s being held without bail until the court can determine whether he violated probation on an unrelated case.

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