Local woman working to rebuild life 5 years after hit and run

Woman working to rebuild life 5 years after hit and run

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Pictures are all that Lindsay Bires has of her past. The 29-year-old Massachusetts woman has no memories of her friends or of her life as a cardiac nurse at Columbia, South Carolina's Palmetto Richland Hospital.

In September 2012, all of that and more was taken away when a hit-and-run driver crashed into her on the sidewalk while she was taking a break.

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At the hospital, her mother, Susan, was told Lindsay would probably die.

"Her body was smashed from waist down, just completely smashed. Her arm, the clavicle and then the brain injury. It was horrific," said Susan Bires.

Two witnesses told police a white compact car hit Lindsay, but there's never been an arrest.

Susan is angry that police did not do more to find the person who struck her daughter, and changed their lives forever.

"I gave up on justice. It's not going to happen. Not down there, anyway," said Susan. "The person who did this should know what their actions caused. They'll probably never do jail time, too much time has gone by."

But five years and 25 surgeries later, Lindsay is refusing to give up. In the last year, she has gotten her driver's license back and she's taking classes to, one day, be a nurse again.

"It's obviously unfair. What happened to me is unfair," said Lindsay.

Lindsay continues working hard to rebuild the life she lost. She was nearly killed five years ago, but she's come a long way back.

"I'm not going to stop," said Lindsay.

She says she’s not letting a hit-and-run driver who escaped justice slow her down.