Local town cracking down on mementos allowed at cemeteries

Local town cracking down on mementos allowed at cemeteries

WAREHAM, Mass. — A controversial move to clean up cemeteries in Wareham could take away precious mementos from headstones left for loved ones no longer here.

Grace Ouellette tries to take care of her friend George Cornwell's gravesite since he passed away last year.

"I do want to put flowers there I definitely do, I do it all the time, we used to do those things together," she said.

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But now she's concerned about the new town rules on what people can do around their loved ones' headstones.

The town of Wareham says by the end of the week, certain items will no longer be allowed at its three cemeteries. Wind chimes, flags on metal support frames, glass items and certain borders may be removed.

The town also says people aren't allowed to plant trees or bushes by the headstones anymore.

"As far as putting your own flowers, I see no reason why they have to do that," said Ouellette.

The new restrictions are all in an effort to keep cemeteries clean and safer, the town said.

The manager plans to remove any items that break the new rules after Friday.

Ouellette says she'll take her chances for now and leave the glowing hummingbirds by her friend's grave.

"I'm wondering if they're going to make me take them away, I don't know, but I'm going to leave them and see what happens," she said.