• Local security company trained DC officer accused of helping ISIS

    By: Bob Ward


    A local security company helped train the DC transit officer that is accused of being an ISIS sympathizer.

    The now former officer for the Washington, D.C. region's transit system allegedly bought about $250 worth of gift cards in an FBI sting for someone he thought was working with the Islamic State group.

    In 2012, Young sat in a training session with Todd McGhee’s company Protecting the Homeland Innovation, as reported on FOX25 News at 5. It offers counter terrorism training to law enforcement.

    Four years later, employees at the security firm still remember Young.

    Shortly after the transit officer’s arrest, one of McGhee’s instructors called him, saying that Young had been part of the company's counter terrorism classes. It was a 16 hour course.

    McGhee told FOX25 that the instructor clearly remembers Young because his views on Middle East terror stood out.

    “Here's a guy that demonstrated his passion, demonstrated his conviction, his ideology for a radical group. At the time ISIS wasn't part of the conversation, but certainly al-Qaeda was part of a direct conversation. He started talking about anti-government, radical Islam, and different aspects that the course brings out,” he said.

    McGhee is concerned about the information Young learned during his training.

    “Did he release best practices that we teach? And who did that information go to?” he said.

    Questions that may be answered as the investigation continues.

    The FBI says Nicholas Young is the first law enforcement officer in the U.S. to be charged under the federal government's terrorism law.

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