• Local preschool adds kindness to its curriculum

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - A Foxborough preschool is teaching kindness. 

    Students at the Learning Experience Preschool are tacking some pretty big words as they learned a unique academic subject - kindness.

    "Everything they do and say, we hold them accountable," said teacher Mendisa Lee.

    Lee says the lessons in kindness begin for students as young as three. This week's lesson centered around the word humanitarian. They've also learned about compassion and philanthropy.

    "To help others whenever they can. Be concerned about your friends, be concerned about your neighbors," said Lee.

    It's not just learning the words, it's putting them into action. They're working on a project to thank Foxborough police officers.

    The students also organized a food bank and made art auctioned off to raise money for children through Make-A-Wish.

    "They want to help all the time. They're always looking for ways to help," said Lee.

    Lee says the lessons are taking hold so Boston 25 News anchor Kerry Kavanaugh did a quick pop quiz.

    "What is kindness and what does it mean to you?"

    "It means you be nice to people and you care about people," said student Useph Alshara.

    They are young people with a big message.

    "We're teaching them to grow up to be responsible and compassionate people," said Lee.

    Laying the foundation at a very early age. 


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