Local police warn marijuana users about driving with weed in the car

HOPKINTON, Mass. – Driving with marijuana openly accessible in a vehicle might seem like a simple mistake, but it’s actually illegal and the Hopkinton Police Department said it's alarming how often officers catch drivers in violation.

There are clear limits for how many plants or how much cultivated marijuana a person can have, but the way it needs to be transported is less well known.

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In a Facebook post, the department explained that transportation of marijuana is similar to open alcohol container laws. It needs to be in a sealed container and cannot be within reach of the driver.

“[The] Majority of the time, those involved are under the impression that possession of marijuana carries no ramifications in Massachusetts,” the post said.

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Hopkinton police are alerting people who plan to drive with marijuana in their cars.

“Just like alcohol, open container of marijuana carries a civil fine of $500 and you can absolutely be arrested and charged,” the Facebook said.