Local nonprofit helps family of adopted boy with special needs

Jayden was just 2 years old when a brutal attack changed his life forever.

A biological relative nearly killed him, leaving him confined to a wheelchair, blind and often suffering seizures.

Jayden, now 7, is now with an adopted family who fell in love with him while being his foster parents.

“He's amazing, he's awesome,” said Deidra.%



Deidra and Todd already have two boys, and in February they made it three when Jayden’s adoption became official.

“He's never said a word to us, but the love we feel from him is pretty incredible,” said Todd.%



They don’t complain, but life isn't easy and taking care of Jayden is a lot of work and money.

Recently Cathy O'Grady founder of Sofia's Angels heard about Jayden and stepped in.

“Going to adopt a child with so many disabilities, and it is so much work -- they had to be a special family,” said O’Grady.

Sofia's Angels performs random acts of kindness, like paying off Christmas layaways and giving clothes to the homeless.

The nonprofit bought a special swing set for Jayden and his family, and local EMTs built it in a day, the same EMTs who often take him to the hospital for seizures.%



“It’s brought the family more together so we can play outside together,” said Deidra.

The swing set was just the start. Sofia's Angels started raising money through a GoFundMe for a special MV-1 Handicapped van.

O’Grady has no doubt the money will be raised.

“There's a lot more good out there and a lot more people who are willing to help when you ask them,” she said.

The support and kindness has been amazing for Deidra and Todd, who never asked for any gift or fundraiser.

“It’s amazing how kind and caring that people are. I can’t even explain its amazing,” said Deidra

If you are interested in donating to the GoFundMe or Sofia’s Angels, visit the links.