Local mom who threatened to 'beat up students' arrested at Chicopee school

Local mom who threatened to 'beat up students' arrested at Chicopee school

CHICOPEE, Mass. — A Holyoke mother was arrested on Tuesday after going to her daughter's school and allegedly threatening to beat up other students.

The mother, identified as 35-year-old Edith Cordero, was charged with disturbing the peace, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and reckless operation of a motor vehicle after causing a disturbance at the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School.

Officers were dispatched to the school at 134 Springfield Street at around 12:40 p.m. for reports of 10 people fighting outside the school.

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At the scene, officers didn't find anyone at the front of the school, where the altercation had allegedly taken place. Classes were still in session and school buses were arriving.

Staff members then told police a parent of one of their female students involved in the alleged altercation came to the school and was making threats to beat up other students.

At that point, one woman walked up to the officers yelling, "Who is the b**** who beat up my daughter?"

When asked who her daughter was, the woman, later identified as Cordero, ignored the officer and walked directly into the school.

While Cordero walked into the school, three students began talking to the officers, telling them what had happened.

Police said Cordero then walked out of the school with her daughter, where both of them began yelling and screaming threats to the other students who had been talking to police.

After being told to calm down, Cordero and her daughter got into their car. One officer approached Cordero, explaining to her what her options were in terms of filing a police report and criminal charges to those who allegedly assaulted her daughter.

Cordero told the officer she would not be filing a report and instead was going to drive to one of the students' houses and "f*** those b****** up."

When she was told not to do that, Cordero drove off.

While officers were speaking to the other students involved in the alleged fight, Cordero came back in her car, driving aggressively and eventually parking it on Springfield Street, blocking the flow of traffic.

At this point, the other students involved left the school. Police said Cordero was seen intentionally using her car to provoke the other students as they tried to leave.

As police were about to intervene and pull Cordero over, she drove her car into another car.

When she was pulled over and asked to show some identification, police say Cordero said, "What, for you f****** pig? You b****** got nothing on me" before showing them her license.

Cordero was then placed under arrest.

While being escorted to the police cruiser, Cordero allegedly tried pulling away, yelling, "Why are you holding me like this you b**** pig."

Cordero was released on $40 bail. It is unclear if and when she is due in court.