Local man caught red-handed allegedly robbing Malden convenience store

Local man caught red-handed allegedly robbing Malden convenience store

MALDEN, Mass. — A local man is in police custody, accused of robbing a Malden convenience store. Police say they've been searching for a suspect just like him – one wearing red gloves – for the last month after a string of robberies.

The mother of that suspect spoke with Boston 25 News and she said her son has been dealing with some mental health issues. She added that she had no idea of these accusations, fighting back tears saying that is not the son she knows.

For the last month police say they've been looking for their red-handed bandit, accused of robbing 13 convenience stores, most of the time while wearing red gloves. Sources believe they found their man, 34-year-old Ramfis Casado.

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And while police have not yet linked Casado to the 12 other incidents, sources tell Boston 25 News that it's only a matter of time.

"He text me every night to say, 'mama I love you,'" said Casado's mother.

Wanting to stay anonymous, Casado’s mom says she didn’t get that text on Tuesday. She was heartbroken when she heard why.

"I'm just in total shock," she said. "I'm shivering now because I did not notice."

Malden Police say they caught the red-handed bandit red-handed.

"I was actually walking into the convenient store to get a water and use the restroom on a detail," said Malden Police officer Kenny Watkins.

The officer added that Casado almost walked right past him after he finished robbing an In and Out convenience store Monday morning.

"As I started walking in, I took a step to the side to let the person out," Officer Watkins said. "He raised his head and I noticed he had a mask on exposing just his eyes and bridge of his nose."

Casado took off running and drove away before Officer Watkins could catch up to him.

"He brandished a knife and I know from most of the other calls that he has had [a knife] and I was on him," the officer said. "Usually [he] goes to the same specific vehicle that is parked in the area, so I knew those two things as I was chasing him that he was probably armed and there was a getaway vehicle in the area."

Several of those common descriptions led police to Casado's home in Chelsea where they arrested him Tuesday without a fight.

"If this is the person they are linking [the robberies] to, this is not the son I know," Casado's mother said. "It's not the good son I know. He has been through a lot in his childhood, so I just continue to pray for him.

"This is very sad. He has the holidays around the corner, and this is not what the family wanted to hear."

His mom says if this does turn out to be her son linked in the 13 incidents, she wants to offer her best apology to any of those people.