Local group calling on Gov. Baker to address climate change

BOSTON — A day after global climate strikes, a group is spending a week going from town to town demanding Governor Charlie Baker make climate change a priority.

On Sunday, the group called '350 Massachusetts' focused on the MBTA, taking a nine-foot cardboard cutout of the governor on the T.

"We need more people to ride public transit and if you increase the cost of riding public transit, that's a burden on working-class people, and it makes it impossible to get more people on the T," said Craig Altemose of 350 Massachusetts.

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Commuters have been calling on the real Charlie Baker to ride the T since his first term when problems plagued the system in the winter of 2015. He finally did earlier this month to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the upgraded Wollaston Station in Quincy.

The protestors say they are making their point by bringing the cardboard version of the governor on the T daily, something they feel the governor needs to do to understand the full scope of the problem.

"The situation of congestion and frustration is at an all-time high," said Rosie Mott.

The group will be protesting every day this week and will end in Weymouth with a protest against the compressor station there.