• Liquor store suing Mass. for the right to offer cheaper alcohol


    A liquor store with locations in Natick and Everett is suing the state for the right to offer you cheaper booze.

    Massachusetts has a rule banning stores from selling alcohol cheaper than what they paid for it. Two Total Wines and More liquor store locations face multi-day liquor license suspensions after pricing their alcohol lower than the wholesale price, WickedLocal reports.

    The store argued that the low price was based on anticipated discounts from its suppliers, but the Alcohol Beverages Control Commission said the liquor couldn't be priced lower than the invoiced price from the wholesaler, the paper reports.

    The Total Wines store in Natick will reportedly lose their licence from March 22 to March 24. The store in Everett will lose their license from March 15 to 16.

    Total Wines is challenging the suspension and filing a lawsuit in Suffolk Superior Court. The new lawsuit seeks to get rid of the minimum price rule and allow stores to charge whatever they can afford. A hearing is schedule for Friday. 


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